Current Project - Fall - 2013

I am doing a minor resto on a 85 5000S, things like water lines, carb rebuild, replace suspension rod ends, replaced tach and speedo needles, modified AMP meter to work with 65 amp alt., cleaned and painted the wheel wells, replace bad wiper arm assy. installed new windshield squirters, new fuel filter and lines, cleaned inside of all wheel, removing brake dust, replace all cam cover washers (had wrong ones there), cleaned underside of car, clean engine bay, cleaned and painted air filter boxes, new  air filters. cleaned tool bag, replated all tools, replace rear tyres, repair rear  air grills(had loose parts) powder coated them.


Before -Suspension1  After -suspention1



Before -suspention2  After -suspension2


Before -Engine -block  PICT0126


After -block  Loose Grills -off To Powdercoating





Ever wonder?

If you own a Countach with the aluminum shields, ever wonder what is under it?.


Need a Manual?

I have several manuals, that I scanned, in case you need one.