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I'm not as sexy as a Lamborghini, but here is a face behind the voice if you ever call. 

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Can you guess how many times I've done this?

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Stretching the limits of the "Norm," a Custom intake manifold...and anything missing from this picture that should be there?

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Countach on the Tarmac

Welcome to the best source for Lamborghini parts and information. With over 30 years experience specializing in Lamborghini from the 350 to the Countach, I can provide you with more than just parts, I can offer you the expertise that is often needed in making your high performance car the best it can be.
On this site you can find new and used parts for sale, technical data, and a way to ask questions about your car.
We offer rebuild services, part interchange information, and custom modifications.

We ship worldwide with customers from Australia to New Zealand and everywhere in between.

Parts are available for any model Lamborghini.

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Ever wonder?

If you own a Countach with the aluminum shields, ever wonder what is under it?.


Need a Manual?

I have several manuals, that I scanned, in case you need one.